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Caihong Co.’s Philanthropic Contributions

2014/7/9 Viewers:

  Gaozhou Caihong Elastic Weaving Co. Ltd. and Gaozhou Bailihua Clothing Co., Ltd. pursue economic and social benefit, return society while the companies are developing. Both companies carry forward the company tenet to take an active part in all kinds of public benefit activities. So far, we have contributed over 4000,000 RMB to public benefit activities including education. For example, we contributed over 1000,000 RMB to carry out “Grants for Hundreds of Student Project”, every student who faces family economic difficulties and is selected to be helped can get a grant of 2,000 RMB every year for three years, so far there are totally 137 students benefit from this project. We also contributed 200,000 RMB to Hetang Town Middle School to build the student canteen, contributed 100,000 RMB to Hehua Town Primary School to decorate and equip the teaching building, contributed 200,000 RMB to Gaozhou 3rd Middle School to build the cultural corridor, contributed 80,000 RMB to Nadiao Primary School of old revolutionary base areas to purchase teaching facilities like office tables, chairs and computers, contributed 80,000 RMB to Shizailing Primary School to paved roads and have top water laid on, regularly visit and give life essentials to low income families of the surrounding villages. Our philanthropic act has got high praise from all walks of life.