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Build a Harmonious Corporate Culture and Share with Employees the Fruits of Company’s Development. 

Gaozhou Caihong Elastic Weaving CO.LTD. sticks to the philosophy of “caring employees, developing harmoniously”. We attach great importance to lean production process and improve workplace conditions. In order to solve the problem that production workshop was of high temperature and crowded with workers and machinery equipment, we invested heavily in automation production equipment, reduced the workload of workers, enhanced productivity and increased the employees' income. We also help the employees buy social endowment insurance and medical insurance. All employees can enjoy free accommodation, 24-hour free hot water supply, logistics services managed by specific leaders, on and off duty air conditioning bus transfers. Our leaders would respond to all employees’ request and help them solve work and life problems. The company’s humanization efforts have earned trust and support from employees, effectively promoted the harmonious labor relations, created the conditions for the realization of the company and employees win-win development, brought good benefits for the company, and won provincial and municipal recognition awards of “2012 Civilized Company of Gaozhou City” and “Advanced Harmonious Labor Relations Company of Guangdong Province”.