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Caihong Co. Contributed to Students

2011/9/8 Viewers:

  Yesterday, Gaozhou Caihong Elastic Weaving Co. Ltd. and Gaozhou Bailihua Clothing Co., Ltd. held a student grant contribution ceremony. There were 54 students from poor families in Dajing town, Dong’an town, Guding town and Changpo town received the student grant. The leaders of municipal women's federation also attended this ceremony.

  During the ceremony, both companies’ leaders talked kindly with all the students to understand their learning and life in detail and gave 900 RMB grant to every student. All these 54 students were selected from different local high schools by the municipal women's federation, they are excellent in learning and virtue and their families now face temporary difficulties. So far, both companies had contributed student grant for 5 times, every eligible student received 1,800 RMB each year. There are totally 100 students had received the grant from both companies and continue their study. Both companies’ leaders hope that all these students can face the difficulties bravely, cherish the opportunity of study,, inflate their ambition, foster a correct outlook on the world, life and values, constantly strive to become stronger, study hard, be grateful and return society. The students said they would study hard and make a contribution to society in the future.

  In recent years, Caihong Co. and Bailihua Co. pursue economic and social benefit, return society while the companies are developing. Both companies carry forward the company tenet to take an active part in all kinds of public benefit activities. So far, we have contributed over 2000,000 RMB to public benefit activities such as having provided financial aid to poor families as well as single parent families and the needy workers, contributed to build roads and bridges, visited old people, contributed 50 tons of rice and other articles of daily use to the victims of “911” big floods, contributed 200,000 RMB to Hetang Town Middle School to build the student canteen, contributed 100,000 RMB to Hehua Town Primary School to decorate and equip the teaching building, etc.. Last year we contributed over 100,000 RMB and our philanthropic act has got high praise from all walks of life.